Solving the advertising crisis with immersive marketing

Advertising is at a turning point. Television viewers are abandoning traditional ad-supported broadcast media for other media, and those who stay are avoiding commercials with TiVo and its cohorts. The value of Internet banner ads is still questionable, and more and more of the ads themselves never get seen because of ad-blocking software. Anti-spam tools are knocking out more company-to-consumer e-mail every day. What can you do?

It’s time for a new perspective on Internet marketing, one that gets people seeking out information about your products and services, and coming back repeatedly for more. Immersive events, designed and implemented by Miramontes Studios, use a combination of web pages, e-mail, and storytelling to grab the interest of your customers, focus it on your product, and sustain it over time. They keep coming back. They tell their friends. And, every time they come back, you have another opportunity to build your relationship with them.

We know our way around immersive events and how they make sense for business. Some of the events we have built or have under development include:

  • Movie and TV promotion: Use a combination of web sites, blogs, and e-mail to create a web-based version of the world depicted in a movie or TV show, and let people directly experience what life in that world would be like. You can read a report on one such project – Exocog – that held 50% of its audience over a five-week event by clicking here.

  • Brand building: Use a simulated blog to tell the history of a company as the personal journey of its founder, and let visitors experience that company in a remarkably personal way.

  • DVD promotion: Create a set of web sites that depict the company and people featured in a TV series, and build interest in the series’ DVD box set with ongoing stories about the company and relationships among the people.

  • Real-world event promotion: Use a web-based game to promote the launch of a new theme park attraction, and, in doing so, steer visitors to targeted web sites and motivate ticket sales and resort bookings.

  • Tourism and business promotion: Build a web-based "scavenger hunt" to highlight the attractions of a city and show potential visitors and business clients why and how the city meets their needs.

We know what’s involved in creating the immersive effect that these events require – we know how to design them so that visitors stay involved and committed, we have a strong technology base on which to build them, and, most importantly, we know how to build the connections between the event and your business that make the event pay off for you.

We can work with you in many different ways, from building an event that is the center of the marketing campaign for your product to creating immersive enhancements to traditional marketing campaigns. We can work with your in-house marketing and web development teams, or offer an entire package of outsourced services. And we can do all this at surprisingly affordable rates.

We’d love to hear about your marketing challenges, and explore ways in which immersive events can meet your needs. For more information, please contact us at:

or phone Jim Miller, Miramontes principal, at 650-949-3043