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Manchurian Global

Project type:
Movie promotion
In support of:
Manchurian Candidate (Paramount)
Spring-Summer 2004
One of the changes made in the remake of Manchurian Candidate is that the entity behind the conspiracy in the movie is no longer China, but an evil corporation -- "... rich people funding bad science to put a sleeper in the White House...". Appropriately enough, this corporation, Manchurian Global has its own website, at There's no explicit link from the main Manchurian Candidate site to here; rather, the designers purchased biotech-related ad words on Yahoo to bring up pointers to the site (consider this Yahoo news story in the Google cache.

It's a nicely done faux web site, looking just like a typical boring corporate site -- descriptions of the company, its executives, their areas of business, press releases, and so on. A bit of site exploration reveals a video of one of the company's scientists talking about their work with the human genome, and how"...with a flick of the wrist we can adjust character... change personality". Hmm.... A click on the movie opens a web page on the main Manchurian Candidate site, providing the promotional payoff for the site.

There would appear to be other things going on within the site; in particular, there is a "limited partners extranet", suggesting additional secrets if only you can guess the proper username/password. Unfortunately, none of my guesses have worked, so there's little I can say. This obviously cuts into the promotional value of the site -- if you're going to have a secret area in a site like this, you've got to have enough clues around that the secret gets out. But, overall, it's a nice addition to the movie's promotion at what was probably rather little expense.